The end of the 106th session of the Canton Fair is coming.

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The end of the 106th session of the Canton Fair is coming. Turnover from the point of view, after the financial crisis foreign trade began to show some better. At the same time, on November 11 the General Administration of Customs disclosed that China's export value of October is 1107.6 billion US dollars, down 13.8% from the level last month, This is the first year of export data fell the smallest month, and monthly export value is the fourth months of over hundreds of billions of dollars. The United States, Europe and Japan, as the main products of our country, has recently shown signs of recovery.

These good news did not make those export enterprises dependable relief. The front of road is difficult, they are still in the fog of the financial crisis to explore the survival, and will have to face a continuous battle of life and death.
The first financial crisis spread to China's export enterprises, especially labor-intensive enterprises, China's exports of clothing, bags and other products, suffered heavy losses. Accompanied by birth, a lot of small businesses have closed down, 200million migrant workers return home. Many people speculate China's export enterprises are also facing the survival of the fittest".China's export recovery depends on the recovery of the global market, but at the same time, due to the impact of the financial crisis, international trade protectionism  "rise" again,become a "stumbling block" for the resumption of export growth . Affected by the financial crisis, China is expected to overtake Germany as the world's largest exporter this year. But as the first big export country, also the current world's largest trade friction object - China has become the world's largest trade protectionism.
With the export of "unsalable", some enterprises began to export to domestic sales. But the risk of sale in domestic market is big.  many of the domestic export enterprises are processing trade, foreign orders, batch processing, and if instead domestic sales, they have to consider building sales channels, initial investment cost is not low. The high cost of so many companies quit. In addition, "butt joint of the domestic enterprises rarely have immediately checkout, generally are after two months, some going to drag on for a long time, so for a medium size enterprise, capital chain tension will be a fatal blow."





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