The technological transformation project of 2 millions pieces intelligent production line

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     The project was started from July,2013 ,completed and put into operation in August 2014. The project land in Dawu Economic Development Zone, to upgrade our production line.
The project covers an area of 99.76 acres, new main building, warehouse, comprehensive research and Technology Center building, boiler room, power distribution room, machine repair workshop, office, dormitory, canteen etc., a total construction area of 76363 square meters.New plant road, parking lot, supporting the construction of water supply and drainage network, distribution and other related facilities and fire, greening and other projects. New intelligent suspension system and CAD system, the sample cut cutting machine, digital cutting bed and digital shop cloth machine, direct drive oil lockstitch sewing machine, sewing equipment, air-conditioning plant, variable power distribution equipment, fire fighting equipment and other auxiliary equipment, a total of 800 units / sets equipment.
Through the process standardization, production automation, scientific management, forming its own marketing advantages.By improving the production of clothing, from traditional “bundles” to “single piece flow production”, through the efficient production and modernization of production management, improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce costs, make a rapid response to the market, form their own competitive advantage.
The total investment of this project is 40 million yuan, of which 28 million yuan investment in fixed assets, 12 million yuan of new liquidity. Enterprise self financing 28.2 million yuan, 11.8 million yuan of bank loans. The project will realize the annual production of 2 million safety and protection of the green environmental protection clothing, the annual business income of 120 million yuan, foreign exchange earnings of $18.5 million, profit of 12.25 million yuan, tax of 17.1 million yuan. This project creats 400 new jobs chance, help to ease the employment pressure, promote local economic development.

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