Trends of clothing industry

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    As the international financial crisis continues to deteriorate, the global financial crisis has brought a serious impact on the development of China's garment enterprises, we also face a major test of survival and development.
The falling orders, rising costs and the downturn in the market environment leads to orders descending.With increasing domestic raw material cost and labor costs , the average profit is decreasing year by year, and in Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries the clothing labor prices is only 1 / 3 of that in China, part of clothing orders begin to drift to lower cost countries.
With the industrial development and the safety protective clothing is becoming more and more popular and diverse, our customers has higher and higher demand for clothing, the production of garment transform from little variety and large quantity into multi variety and small batch quantity, this requires enterprise's production capacity, production and operation management.
Below this kind of trend, we can only strive to improve the automation of the production of their products, to meet customers’need, has a core competitive advantage in the fierce competition in the business.
Small lot, multi variety, short period, high quality are the main characteristics of modern garment production, which requires us to have a quick response ability and modern management level
      Under such circumstance, our enterprise achieves product differentiation through technological innovation and forms our own marketing strength through standard technology, automatic production and scientific management.
We change the way of production from traditional "bundles" into "one piece flow” stream on-line production. Through efficient on-line production methods and modern production management, we improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce the cost,make rapid response to market and form our own competitive advantage.

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